It has been a while since I have made a blog, but I decided to make a blog... HEY, PUT DOWN THAT SIGN THAT SAYS MY NAME CROSSED OUT!! And today we will find out everything is... <X-Files theme song plays>


Whether it be that period you just typed, the show your watching, MARKIPLIER, the, "I ate Adam Sandler" etc. So here we go:

Everything has 10 letters

10 is an even number

1 is in ten

1 is on Illuminati?


ILLUMINA--- <pauses>

<It zooms out and it shows this blog post on a computer, there is a professor next to a chalk board with the Illuminati on it, while the computer is on a chair next to it>

These days, the Internet is full of garbage like LOLZ TROLLED YA!!! and Illuminati stuff. But we must become more serious, people!! Anyone who has been annoyed by this call 1-800-Don't-Call. We got a caller.

Caller: Hi!

Professor: Hi!

<Caller hangs up>

Now I shall take my plane to Norway, where the whole internet is stored. <The professor is in Norway, holding a sledgehammer>

This is a solution to all the problems on the Internet. <The professor starts smashing the servers, while dramatic music plays>

<The scene zooms out, showing a camera crew and the set. A button is pressed and the scene fall into the floor> <Several people come in and bring the chalkboard and computer back into the room and clean it off, the walls are torn down and replaced with a bunch of cat posters> <It zooms back into the computer> ---ATI CONFIRMED!!!!!!

<Fireworks go off while dramatic music plays and watermelons are shown to being smashed.

If you enjoyed this strange blog post, comment and suggest what to do next. BYEEEEEEEE!!!

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