Try our new product, the N-OTA-WI-KIAUS-ER 1.0. A device that will revolutionize all your wiki needs! That name stands for Number One To Alex Waxy-Itchy Kay Into All Ur Songs' Electric Rain. If you tell it a command, it will take its humanoid form and search the interwebs for information about your request.

You can choose a name and personality for the N-OTA-WI-KIAUS-ER. You can even have it destroy those pesky Trump signs. It's amazing. It took minutes of thoughts about it, so you better like it. It takes about $5 and 4.5 minutes to build one.

Known bugs and stuff

  • It may fall apart if it types more than 1 letter every 2 seconds
  • He may blow up
  • He may destroy the wrong signs
  • Sometimes it may search the wrong thing and end up destroying your wiki
  • It may accidentally hack a staff account or government website, getting you banned or starting WWIII, respectively
  • Sometimes it may crush your keyboard
  • Sometimes it may walk out of the room, turn the oven on, go inside and try to type
  • Sometimes it's head may fall off

Report any bugs I the comments, please

The outside of it is mostly made of steal held together by Scotch tape. There is a microchip inside it that does the stuff, it is attached to some wires with some electrical tape which connect to his eyes. It's arms and legs are also attached to the chip in the same way. A flamethrower is in its abdomen and it shoots out when it detects a Trump sign with his big eyes. The flamethrower is connected to the microchip with the electrical tape.

It also comes in the cardboard variety!!

If you want it, please call 1-800-Don't-Call or shove some money in your computer. You can buy it with 49 easy payments of $9999

If you liked it comment and share it with all your friends. Also comment if you want one and pretend to donate money to make more of these abominations! Also, don't forget to suggest more random stuff and stay safe and continue to funny.

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