Hello ladies and gentlemen. Today we will discover how to eat our food the proper way. Just kidding the IMPROPER way.

  • Step 1: Grab a furnace and put the utensils in there
  • Step 2: Prepare a preferably messy meal, like Sloppy Joe

You may be thinking "What about the plate?" Write "Trump" on it and get the N-OTA-WI-KIAUS-ER to burn it.

Place your meal on the table and pretend your hands are the utensils and the table your plate. You know what? Lets get rid of the table. Do the same thing that you did with the plate to the table.

And there you have it! A messy meal. Also do the same to the napkins that you did with the table.

"What about when you do this in public?" you may ask.

Ask a friend or a group of friends with a van. Ask them to drive you there. When the angry crowd of people start chasing you for ruining their dinner/lunch/breakfast. Run into the van (have them open the back first). Put a ramp there maybe.

Ask them to bring a radio to put on some amazing music as the chase happens.

Thanks for reading and like, comment and subscribe. Oh yeah, I forgot that this is not YouTube just comment and bye.

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