Welcome to WikiLibrary, a wiki where you can put stories, tutorials, lists, news etc. etc. Just stay within the ToU


  • If you are making large edits on a page, make a new page, copy the contents of the old one, and add the change
  • You can make anything within the ToU
  • Don't vandalize
  • You can ask for your stuff to be removed
  • Don't break the ToU
  • If you want to make new editions of old books, you can do so, but credit the original creator(s)
  • Put your book in a category, add as many categories as you can think of that are relevant (other people can add categories)
    • Make sure to put your book in a category that is the first letter of your page so that the books can be in alphabetical order
  • If your book is not finished, edit it in Notepad or something

New books and edits!

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